Addiction Recovery Programs in Mesa, AZ

Recovery from addiction is difficult. Addiction is a very strong thing, but the value in being free from addiction is far greater than the difficulty in getting that freedom. Mesa Addiction Recovery makes this process easier with an experienced, caring staff and proven techniques. They provide the things that are needed for a successful recovery.

Treatment does not work for everybody. Each person is different than any other person on this planet. Why should they all be treated the same? At Addiction Recovery of Mesa, AZ, they find out all that they can to provide the best possible treatment for each individual. The treatments are not all the same because different treatments will work for different individuals.

Addiction Recovery Centers Can Change A Life

Group counseling can be a very effective tool in combating addiction. They provide support and advice from people that understand what you or your loved one is going through, because they are also going through it. Addiction Recovery Mesa AZ uses group counseling along with a variety of other methods to help combat addiction.

At Mesa AZ Addiction Recovery, they have detoxification programs that are supervised by medical professionals. This is typically the first step taken in treatment for addiction. It is important that all withdrawal effects are closely watched in order to keep you or your loved one safe. They provide a safe, comfortable environment, as well as experienced, caring staff in order to best help you or your loved one through the process.

Understanding that Addiction Recovery is a Process, Not a Band-aid

Treatments may last for some time. Inpatient, or residential alcohol/drug treatment programs, allow you or your loved one to focus on healing and recovery while in a safe, structured environment. Outpatient programs allow you or your loved one to receive counseling needed while still continuing through the necessities of daily life. In the outpatient program, you or your loved one will get the counseling needed to bring healing while living at home.

You or your loved one will work through the addiction in a group setting with a qualified therapist and others that are facing similar addictions. Individual counseling is also provided with a substance abuse specialist. The counseling may continue even after you or your loved one has left the residential care program.

The time of recovery from addiction varies depending on the individual. Some patients take longer to recover from addiction than others. Short-term programs may last thirty days while longer-term programs may last one-hundred and twenty days or more. Just as treatment is different for each person, so is recovery time.

Some symptoms that may point to an addiction include: increasing tolerance for the substance, hiding or downplaying the severity of the addiction, creating odd rituals tied to the addiction, frequent blackouts, binging behavior, erratic sleep patterns, sudden changes in weight, lax grooming habit, trouble with balance or coordination, anxiety and paranoia.

If you or a loved one is experiencing any of those symptoms, please do not hesitate to call Addiction Recovery Mesa AZ. They are there to help you or a loved one to be free from the grip of addiction and to remain free from the addiction.

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The first step in becoming free of addiction is to ask for help. Please call today for more information on any program or for an assessment to learn about the many available treatment options. Mesa Addiction Recovery can help you or a loved one become the person you or your loved one deserves to be, free from addiction. Please call Mesa Drug Treatment AZ now.

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