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Many studies have shown the cause of addiction is a person's inability to deal with conflicts and stressful situations in a positive way. Relapse prevention addresses this by teaching addicts to recognize harmful and dangerous scenarios. When stress and emotional pain occur, the addict will turn to drugs or alcohol as a form of release or escape from these events. While you cannot control the outside forces of these stressful situations, you can control your reaction to them.

Substance abuse treatment and recovery from substance abuse involves building relapse prevention techniques and learning how to cope with emotional pain and stressful situations. You will learn new ways to react, that do not require drugs or alcohol. Every time you successfully deal with problems such as these, you will gain confidence in your ability to overcome drugs and alcohol.

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Knowing Common Triggers for Relapse

  • Depression: In your sadness, you become convinced there is no other way to deal with your pain other than to return to your drug of choice. You are afraid your friends and family will not understand your struggle with drugs, so why try?
  • Anger: You realize that not everything is within your control. Frustration and anger are your normal response, and you turn to drugs or alcohol to dull the pain and anger.
  • Routine: You have been working your program and things are going well, so you feel you can allow some of your routine to slide. This is the time when you return to past behaviors.
  • Headstrong: You paid attention during your therapy and counseling sessions, but you know yourself better than anyone else. Instead of following your treatment programs, you do it your way and backslide into drug or alcohol abuse.

You can choose to avoid these common triggers. Alcohol and drug abuse counseling will provide you with the tools for relapse prevention. All you need to do is put them to work for you.

Relapse prevention is a learned skill that is taught at a Mesa, AZ, center. When you are ready to remain sober and drug free, call Mesa Drug Treatment Centers at (480) 422-0810. Their staff is ready to help you build lifelong skills to ensure you do not relapse into old destructive patterns.

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