Addiction Rehabilitation Programs in Mesa, AZ

Someone grappling with a cycle of addictive behavior often resists getting help because of the stigma involved. If a dependency begins disrupting life to the point of affecting relationships or causing physical or psychological harm, the individual may need professional help.

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Steps to Recovery

Most people are familiar with alcohol/drug addiction. However, compulsive habits might also involve gambling, pornography, sexual gratification or other behaviors. The first step in overcoming the habit and regaining control of your life involves seeking treatment for addiction.

The problem is not usually a matter of exercising willpower alone. Often, compulsions begin and continue secondary to altered thought patterns, emotional or mental issues or malfunctioning brain chemistry. Addiction rehab specialists understand these complexities and have the necessary training and techniques to deal with these problems.

Even after undergoing rehabilitation treatment individuals experience temptations that pull them back into former lifestyles. Familiar people, places or circumstances may trigger the need to abuse substances or participate in unhealthy or unwanted behaviors.

Addiction therapy and ongoing support systems help addicts overcome these moments of weakness. Regardless of the problem causing someone to struggle, treatment remains necessary and the first step in embarking on an addiction-free life.

Treatment Techniques

When someone is ready to receive treatment for substance abuse, detoxification processes are generally necessary. Addicts may go through the process in a hospital setting or specialized treatment facility. Medical personnel provide continual monitoring, and they administer intervention measures when needed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the individual. Dealing with the emotional and psychological aspects of the issue is the next phase of treatment and involves a variety of options that include behavioral treatment.

Dual diagnosis issues must be properly diagnosed and treated through therapy and possibly medications. Individual and group therapy allows the user to learn more about particular substances or habits. Ongoing support allows individuals to share their challenges and concerns with others, learn from mistakes and prevent relapse.

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