Drug Overdose Rates Continue to Rise in Mesa AZ

Drug Overdose Rates Continue to Rise in Mesa AZ

For illicit drugs of addiction, the average number of drug induced overdose deaths in the state of Arizona, is higher than the nation's average. Cases of drug abuse in the age groups of 18- 25 in Arizona, are more prevalent than 41 other states. This is a result of the large quantities of drugs that are smuggled into the United States through the Arizona and Mexico border. Of the drugs that are seized Marijuana, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and Heroin occur the most. Meth and Heroin are both highly addictive drugs of abuse that are associated with a very high risk of overdose. Overdose is especially seen in addicts that attempt to detox on their own and relapse. It is highly recommended that substance abuse victims seek drug rehab for detox from heroin and detox from other illicit substances because of the adverse health effects associated with the withdrawal phase.

Some of the adverse effects of withdrawal include an increased body temperature, hallucinations, and in severe cases seizures or heart attack. With extensive research from scientists and health care specialists, pharmacotherapy treatment has been developed, that will ease the symptoms of withdrawal and make the detox phase safer for the recovering addict. These controlled substances can only be administered in a drug rehab facility by an addiction specialist. Suboxone is one example of treatment medicine used in easing the withdrawal symptoms of opiate addiction. Methadone is another drug that can be administered in a drug treatment center.

Though parents and friends of loved ones with an addiction should always encourage drug rehab, until the individual decides to seek help from a treatment facility they should know these treatment drugs exist. With the police force doing everything they can to put an end to drug trafficking, society must also do its part and urge drug abuse victims to seek treatment. Drug Treatment Centers Mesa and drug prevention methods currently in place in Mesa AZ are working 24/7 to stop the increasing cases of overdose from drugs of addiction.

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