A Look at Drug Treatment Programs in Mesa

Drug Treatment Programs Mesa, AZ

When considering any of the drug treatment programs Mesa has to offer, it's important to first take a careful and honest evaluation of your own situation. What do you need to recover successfully? For many, inpatient mesa drug abuse treatment programs will be more helpful and effective, as they include detox programs. However, if you feel your addiction is less severe, or if you can't make the time commitment necessary to enter an inpatient program, then an outpatient drug abuse program may be perfect for you.

What Happens During Outpatient Mesa Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

Outpatient drug abuse programs are designed for patients with less severe addictions, patients who have just completed an inpatient program, and patients with responsibilities that prevent them from intensive inpatient treatment. The outpatient drug treatment programs Mesa offers generally meet three to five times a week for group therapies, individuals therapies, family therapy sessions, speaker meetings, relapse prevention classes, coping skill maintenance, and twelve step meetings. While these types of programs are far less intensive than their inpatient counterparts, they can be extremely helpful for patients that are trying to maintain a healthy recovery through some form of structured living and accountability.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of outpatient programs, is there flexibility when it comes to working around work and school schedules.

Inpatient Treatment Programs and Mesa Drug Addiction Detox

Inpatient treatment programs are a far larger commitment than outpatient procedures. These types of Mesa drug abuse treatment programs generally last from thirty to ninety days, and begin with a one-on-one meeting with a psychologist for intake. This meeting is extremely important, as it creates the guidelines for your initial treatment plan while staying at whichever inpatient drug treatment program you chose.

After the intake process is finished, depending on what drug you abused and how long the abuse lasted, you may need to detox. Most Mesa drug addiction detoxes are able to supply their patients with a level of comfort and secured to make the detox process painless and easy. This generally comes as a surprise to most patients whose only exposure to the detoxing process has been through second hand accounts or pop culture references. In many cases, withdrawal symptoms experienced during detox can be both discomforting and life threatening, but medically supervised detox centers can help ease discomforts and minimize risk through regular medical checkups and, in some cases, prescription medicines.

An Average Day in Drug Treatment Programs Mesa

Detox helps alleviate the physical symptoms of addiction, but the battle against the mental damage that addiction can leave is just beginning. Aside from post-acute withdrawal symptoms, most patients will no longer experience physical cravings after detox, so the rest of inpatient treatment is designed to tackle the mental and emotional triggers that are produced after long-term drug abuse.

The Drug Treatment Programs Mesa Has Tackle Emotional and Mental Triggers Through a Number of Different Activities:

  • Coping Skill Management Classes
  • Relapse Prevention Classes
  • Group Therapy Sessions
  • Individual Therapy Sessions
  • Family Therapy Sessions
  • Outdoor Activities and Exercises
  • Alumni Visits and Meetings
  • Twelve Step Speaker Meetings
  • Field Trips to 12 Step Program Meetings
  • Creative Outlets Such as Arts & Crafts

After going through the detox process, and the regular inpatient treatment classes, the majority of inpatient rehab centers Memphis has will recommend outpatient treatment. While these resources are not required in order to have a successful recovery, studies have shown that recovering addicts that use outpatient treatment, twelve step meetings, sober living communities, or another form of long-term support, increase their chances of staying sober significantly.

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