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People who are cursed with addiction very often want to quit taking the addictive substances, but their efforts often end in relapse unless they get the kind of expert help that is available in Mesa drug detox centers. Many addicts will be unable to see out the excruciating pain of unassisted withdrawal. Not only will they relapse, but they may be so traumatized by the experience that they will be afraid to try quitting again.

Most people are lucky enough never to have had to go through withdrawal, and they find it very hard to understand why addicts would need drug treatment. They believe that the damage addiction causes should be sufficient motivation to drive anybody to quit. Medical detox in a supportive environment surrounded by experienced and dedicated addiction experts is the most effective answer.

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How Addiction is Managed

Addicts must come off the addictive substance. If they seek help in drug treatment centers, this can be done in one of three ways. These are:

• The addict stops taking the substance completely. To ward off the symptoms that the resultant withdrawal will create, addicts are given medications.

• If there are no medications that can mask withdrawal symptoms, withdrawal can be made manageable by the addicts slowly tapering off the addictive substance. This gives the body the chance to readjust, and the withdrawal symptoms will be so faint they will be undetectable.

• This is similar to the second choice. When people are addicted to dangerous drugs like heroin, they have to stop immediately, but there is no way to stop agonizing withdrawal symptoms if this happens. The solution is to swap heroin for a less harmful opioid. This is swapping one addictive substance for another, and the treatment will then focus on tapering the alternative drug.

After Withdrawal

With more than 24 million American adults having substance abuse problems, millions will develop harmful addictions. Getting through withdrawal is the first huge obstacle on the road to recovery. Once clean, they must stay that way, and drug treatment will involve behavioral therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. These therapies teach addicts how to make better responses when faced with critical situations.

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