Mesa Drug Rehab for Relapse Prevention

Drug Rehab for Relapse Prevention Mesa, AZ

For anyone struggling with addiction or interested in helping an addict, it's important that they grasp what addiction is in essence; it's the only way to take effective action. Addiction isn't about seeking pleasure. Addictive behavior comes from the permanent changes that drugs make to the brain's structure. Some of the changes a rearrangement of priorities while others involve cell death.

Once these changes occur, quitting drugs is no longer a matter of simply attending detox, freeing oneself of the withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and returning to a normal life. Addiction comes back to haunt people over and over again through life. Retrieving a life of sobriety is possible with a heavy investment in Mesa drug rehab for relapse prevention.

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How does relapse prevention therapy actually work?

Relapse prevention, then, trains recovering addicts in strategies that help them avoid all triggers. The HALT method is one of the most common strategies in use -- avoiding all Hunger, Anger, Loneliness and Tiredness. These common triggers are risks in most recovering addicts. Other strategies involve staying away from current drug users, and signing up for stress management classes with methods such as restoration yoga and mindfulness therapy.

Individual or group therapy: Recovering addicts struggle with a vast range of psychological and behavioral challenges that make it impossible for them to apply themselves to the task of escaping substance abuse. Individual and group therapy can both help in various ways, addressing problems such as anger, destructive guilt, an inability to focus, and so on.

Family therapy: When addicts' families are able to contribute to their recovery, a full recovery is far more accessible, but addicts often manage to alienate their families. Family therapy can help addicts re-establish relationships, and secure help and support.

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